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EMG provide professional expert advice to help reduce your organization's energy consumption and identify energy efficient strategies through a comprehensive energy management plan. We equip executives with the information needed to make sustainable strategic environmental and economic decisions aligned with their business model.

In 1996 Royal Bay Resorts was our first project when there were only a few pilots automated systems behind designed. In the last 20 years system design and the technology has advanced to IoT and systems integration, today we work with the newest technology in the industry and recognized manufacturers, EMG work closely our clients executives and operations team to delivering customized systems on all clients requirements.

Controls System Design

Whether your project is a new facility or a retrofit in an existing facility we will design a controls system to regulate and monitor your building’s energy consumption. We can customize controlling your energy consuming systems based on your operation needs and budget constraints. If you are looking for complete building optimization there are total package solutions that we offer with a variety of network options.

Network & System Integration 

Your system can be remote access communication capable or your controls on an existing LAN or WAN to facilitate communication and monitoring. Whatever application you prefer, we have the right talent and experience to design a communications plan that fits into your existing infrastructure.

Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI)

We provide advice on investment, small or large, to assist you in managing cost. We take you through the continuous process of looking at Capital Upgrades, Process Improvement, System Maintenance, and Employee Engagement.

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