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A true partnership begins with trust. All of us at EMG believe this to be the vital first step in building a lasting collaboration. It all starts with getting to know you, exchanging points of view and securing your confidence in EMG’s ability to provide a solution.

Our goal is to share objective advice to initiate problem solving, which in turn will improve your property’s performance, maximize your business’ growth and contributes to your long term intentions. We look forward to the opportunity to address any and all inquiries on project budget, process, product, schedule and services.  With a plan in place that is designed for your facility’s specific needs, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.


Once EMG has presented an aesthetic array of options to compliment your in-room design, you make your selections.  We then create a wiring diagram for your facility, and move to install and program the desired functionality for your property’s room automation and thermostat controls. The various options, including light intensity, privacy and service notifications, heating/ cooling fan speeds and visitor annunciation can be specifically created to accommodate your taste.


Your time and resources can be stretched thin most days, so we’ll spare you the trouble of juggling multiple transactions and varying terms. First, we provide our potential clients with options; a presentation of cutting edge products from multiple vendors, while recognizing your potential budgetary concerns. You decide the products you want, we deliver.

Project Management

When your project becomes ours, rest easy. EMG’s project management team begins with a disciplined approach from planning through executing, and ultimately closing your unique project goals. We embrace the opportunity to apply our knowledge, skills and techniques which are designed to accomplish a singular, successful result. All projects require a defined scope of work with outlined resources. EMG is always driven by providing quality solutions, meeting expected target dates, and staying within budget.

Installation & Commissioning

The EMG culture of uncompromised, superior workmanship begins at the critical stage of installation. We know that with a strict focus on quality installations, our customers have realized a better cost savings and uninterrupted occupant comfort and safety.  Our attention to detail at this stage has also resulted in extended equipment reliability and life.  But we don’t stop there.  All projects undergo a post-installation inspection, ensuring a smooth transition into the commissioning stage.  Whether your property is a new facility or it’s time for an upgrade, EMG provides the highest level of installation and commissioning services.  You can’t afford to have rooms down, and neither can we.


Energy Management


Smart Lighting


Mobile Application


Voice Control


Intelligent Building Solutions 

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