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System Design and Installation

We design and implement intelligent Building Solutions to manage and conserve energy. New build and retrofit design solutions for facilities in a cross-section of markets from Hospitality to Healthcare, Residential Properties to Commercial and Industrial facilities. Every system design uses cutting edge technology, A Building iQ5 platforms is used in all our designs

BuildingIQ 5i platform uses all of the data received to process energy usage and consumption, monitors, watch trends, perform predictive analysis, visualization and system automation.  This process provides the basis for identifying operational and equipment anomalies. Predictive Control is a great benefit. With 24/7 optimized control, the built-in Measurements & Verifications and Demand Response are tailored specifically to your facility. Energy Worksite is an analytic tool used in the design that monitors energy consumption on an hourly basis, it can detect anomalies in energy consumption and send alerts. The system design EMG delivers on the needs of all the facilities and operations in our focused market.

We provide Energy Audits that show our clients their facility's energy performance and brings to light measures needed to better manage that performance. Our energy management training initiative focuses on Energy Conservation Education and the human factor to identify-ways that conserves energy in your business operation. 


Controller Programming


Custom Software Design





System Documentation

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